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No Business Type: Name
1 Media Commercial ABS-CBN Japan
2 Trade related ANAS TRADING
3 IT business related ASJ Inc.
4 Tour related Attic Tours
5 Trade related ASIA YAOSHO
6 HR Service Cooperative Society Forward
7 Bank Metropolitan Bank
8 HR Service Cooprative Fuji
9 Trade related NEW WORLD TRADING
10 Commerce and Service Pacific Guaranty Inc.
11 Airline Philippine Airline
12 Bank Philippine National Bank Tokyo Branch
13 HR related Cooperative AMITY
14 Finance Institution related The Institute of Foreign Exchange and trade Research
15 Trade related TRANSTECH
16 Finance Institution related TransRemittance Co., Ltd.
17 Advertising business LVS Inc.
18 Bank Seven Bank, Ltd.
19 Nursing welfare related Etincelle
20 Building Maintenance Biken Techno Corporation
21 Remittance BDO Remit Japan
22 Inspection/Testing/Lab Analysis Safety Tech Inc.
23 Telecommunications PLDT JAPAN GK
25 Law Firm City-Yuwa Partners
26 Financial Service Hash DasH
27 Manufacturing industry I・R CORPORATION
28 Law Firm OH-Ebashi LPC & Partners
29 Law Firm URYU & ITOGA
30 Insurance Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd
31 HR Agency Aioi Human Resources Communications Association
32 Construction and Real estate industry TAKUMI HOME CO.,Ltd.
33 Maintenance AGORA Inc.
34 Trading Sasamoto International Trade Co., Ltd
35 Finance Life Shift LLC
36 Pharmaceutical MED Col, Ltd.
37 HR Agency AGORA Inc.
38 Real Estates PT Holdings Co., Ltd.  
39 Cemetery Business Joshindo Co. Ltd.
40 HR Agency Hearton Group Inc.
41 Construction Total Reform CO., Ltd.
42 HR Service PLANET YUI Co., Ltd.
43 Welfare for disabled Good Points CO., Ltd
44 Trading Diamond CMX Trading Corporation
No. Name  
1 Allan Reyes  
2 Mari Mayang Nihei
3 Miko Elisha Liggayu  
4 Kenichi Katakura  
5 Makoto Ide
6 Daichi Ito
7 Mika Takahashi
8 Shuji Nishizaki
9 Naohisa Ishida
10 Armando Simbulas
11 Kaoru Onda
12 Shiori Ito