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It is the country of everlasting summer, Philippine, with the beautiful national land and spiritually rich citizens. Citizens are full of hospitality and have talent for music and the land is flourishing with greens. Philippine and Japan were closely related since the vermilion-seal certificate trade known with anecdote of Luzon vase distributed around the 16th century and also by having the trade of Manila hemp before the war.

Moreover, it is the English speaking country, opened for the huge business chance. Philippine chamber of commerce and industry in Japan is established as a bridge to develop alignment through business of Philippine and Japan.

Established dates Mar 31 1976 / as chamber of commerce and industry of foreign countries supervised by ministry of Economy.

members of Japanese companies trading with Philippine are about 30.(year 2016)


PCCIJ 2017 Board Members

Auditor:Nishizaki, SyujiLife Support

Name Company
Prestigious head:Manuel M. Lopez Ambassador plenipotentiary to Japan
Prestigious Adviser:Frolian Emil D. Pamintuan Commercial Attache/ Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines
Chairman:Katakura, Kenichi Metropolitanbank & Trust Company
Vice Chairman:Rifareal, T. Julius Philippine National Bank
Vice Chairman:Lebumfacil, Christopher D. Philippine Airline
Accountant: Nanba, Hiroshi Nakano Yuso
Board:Nihei, Mari Individual Member
Board:Takahashi, Tsukasa Transtech Co., Ltd.
Board:Kakihara, Kazuo ATTIC Tours Co., Ltd.
Board:Iwahashi, Hirokazu Rockbridge Holdings Co., Ltd.
Board:Reyes, Allan Individual Member
Board:Jiao, Jason Jose R. Individual Member
Board:Nakata, Takaaki LVS Inc.
Board:Suzuki, Hiromasa Hallohallo Home Inc.


c/o Philippine National Bank Tokyo Branch
Mita 43 MT Building 1F, 3-13-16 Mita, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 108-0073